Roselee is currently not accepting new Retightening clients on her schedule. She will be training student stylists who are seeking certification from Sisterlocks. All new clients must be willing to work with student stylists or with one of out Stylist Excel partners. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to Roselee’s Natural Hair Care!

Roselee’s Natural Hair Care is Atlanta’s Premier Natural Hair and Lifestyle Salon. We not only create and promote natural beauty but we also teach and embrace natural living. Our stylists are trained and certified in the superior Sisterlocks® and Brotherlocks® locking methods, the ideal way to embrace your natural hair texture.

Our mission is to help you embrace your unique natural texture, and educate you on how to care for it in coils or locks.  This insight and acceptance will positively affect your self-esteem, promote a more healthy lifestyle and give you true beauty from the inside out.

The RNHC Atlanta Salon team is a group of trusted, professional natural stylists, locticians and certified Sisterlocks® specialists that are committed to the health and well-being of you and your hair. We make it our goal to help each of our awesome clients in the Atlanta and surrounding area reach the hair and lifestyle goals they desire.

A Little About Us

Roselee’s Natural Hair Care is a teaching salon based in Atlanta Georgia designed to help stylists foster positive attitudes towards natural hair in their clients. One of the systems we are certified to train stylists to perform is the Sisterlocks® and Brotherlocks® trademarked locking methods.

At Roselee’s, we feel the versatility of natural hair has long been undervalued, and our mission is to help each individual embrace the unique qualities in their hair. Accepting natural hair helps to promote healthy lifestyle choices for overall well-being. We specialize in Natural Hair Care Systems including Sisterlocks® and Brotherlocks® that focus on the health of your hair at every stage, whether you’re transitioning or locked. Our stylists and locticians are well educated and highly trained in natural hair care maintenance and we look forward to serving you.

Our Mission Statement

Roselee’s Natural Hair Care is a progressive, professional environment that empowers clients and employees to become self aware through innovations in hair care systems, products and training. Our mission is to propel individuals to higher levels of achievement through the positive expression of their authentic self and their God given talents.

A Little About Sisterlocks®

Sisterlocks® is a trademarked locking method that was invented just over 20 years ago by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell that differs significantly from traditional locking methods. Only trained certified Sisterlocks® associates like our stylists at Roselee’s are able to give official Sisterlocks®. Much smaller and lightweight than traditional locs, Sisterlocks® enable easy manipulation of difficult and intricate styles. Sisterlocking is a process that begins with an initial consultation, followed by a lengthy locking appointment with a certified specialist, and finalized with a retightening appointment. For authentic Sisterlocks® and Brotherlocks®, special tools and methods must be used, so it is important that it performed by an experienced salon with certified locticians.

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