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Sisterlocks® is a trademarked locking method that was invented just over 20 years ago by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell that differs significantly from traditional locking methods. Only trained certified Sisterlocks® associates like our stylists at Roselee’s are able to give official Sisterlocks®. Much smaller and lightweight than traditional locs, Sisterlocks® enable easy manipulation of difficult and intricate styles. Sisterlocking is a process that begins with an initial consultation, followed by a lengthy locking appointment with a certified specialist, and finalized with a retightening appointment. For authentic Sisterlocks® and Brotherlocks®, special tools and methods must be used, so it is important that it performed by an experienced salon with certified locticians.

Sisterlocks ® is a trademarked hair management system for tightly textured hair invented over 20 years ago in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell for women who want to embrace their natural hair texture. The Sisterlocks ® technique uses only your own natural hair, no extensions.

“Sisterlocks ® creates a stable, woven framework within a lock of hair, within which the natural interlocking process can take place.”

-Dr JoAnne Cornwell

The Sisterlocks ® technique takes into account each individual’s curl pattern, and other hair characteristics to determine the best overall look. The Sisterlocks ® technique also uses a  special tool, and much smaller sections of hair. The Sisterlocks ® system uses a combination of sizes not to exceed the measurements required by the guidelines of Sisterlocks ® trademark. As a result, Sisterlocks ® are smaller in diameter compared to traditional locs. Sisterlocks ® can also be done in relaxed hair with as little as 1.5 inches of new growth, whereas with traditional locs, you have to cut off the relaxer in order to start them.  Traditional locs are typically made with larger sections of hair and maybe twisted, palm-rolled or interlocked using different tools.  They also tend to rely on product to hold the hair together. Sisterlocks ® relies on the techniques with the tool, and therefore no product is used to lock the hair.

Embracing locs simplifies styling, allowing women and men alike to spend less time everyday in front of the mirror and more time doing what makes them happy and healthy while looking great! Bad hair days will be a thing of the past when you realize the freedom of “wake-up and go” hair.


One of the biggest advantages to choosing the Sisterlocks ® hair management system is that the locks are lightweight, and the small diameter of the locks give the versatility of loose hair with less maintenance. It’s easy to go from very simple styles, to creating intricate and complex hairstyles. Sisterlocks ® works with your natural texture, therefore no two sets of locks look the same. With Sisterlocks ®, you can shampoo your hair anytime, and there is no need for heavy oils and creams. All this will result in great hair for less money over time. Also, if you have relaxer in your hair, you don’t need to cut off your hair to start Sisterlocks ®. You can even flat iron them, braid them down as you would loose hair and apply extensions like crotchet braids and weaves…the only limit is your imagination!

Ideally, 3-4 inches of virgin hair is best to start your Sisterlocks ®, but you may be able to start shorter depending on the elasticity of your hair. If you have relaxed ends, it is possible to create Sisterlocks ® with as little as 1.5 inches of new growth. You do not need to cut the relaxer off in order to get Sisterlocks ®.  

Only those who have been trained by the Sisterlocks ® home office are authorized to offer Sisterlocks ®. They may either be certified consultants or registered trainees. At Roselee’s Natural Hair Care, our stylists are either certified or in pursuit of their certification from the Sisterlocks ® home office. There is also a nationwide database of trained and certified Sisterlocks ® consultants that can be found here: http://www.sisterlocks.com/finding-a-consultant.html

Trained Locticians always offer Sisterlocks ® as a package of 3 services: the consultation, the locking session, and the follow-up retightening.

The consultation is expected to last at least an hour. It covers your lifestyle as it relates to your past and current hair care habits and how Sisterlocks ® habits are different, especially in the beginning. This includes past hair styling habits, shampooing habits, and daily activities such as exercise. The Sisterlocks ® consultation also covers the progression of the locks from beginning to maturity, and the use of appropriate Sisterlocks ® products for optimum results. In addition, you will receive a cluster of  8-12 sample locks to be analyzed at least 2 weeks later. You should have at least 3”-4” of hair for proper analysis. The purpose of the samples is to determine your natural texture, any changes in texture and density, and to choose which pattern is best suited to your hair type. You must arrive at the consultation with clean hair, free of any oils or conditioners, and without braids or extensions.

The locking session can last approximately 15 to 20 hours or more depending on the length of the hair. It is reasonable to break up this intricate process into two 8hr or 10hr days to guarantee the best work from your consultant. You will end up with at least 400 locks.

The follow-up retightening is  at least 3-4 weeks after the locking session. This is a complete retightening where the new growth of each individual lock is re-locked and the regular maintenance interval is established. The typical length of a retightening depends on the speed and skill level of the loctitian or cosultant, but 3-5hrs is a reasonable range.

Sisterlocks ® can be applied to natural and relaxed hair.

Official Sisterlocks ® classes are only offered through the Sisterlocks ® home office. The locations and dates are listed on the Sisterlocks ® website. We offer mentoring at Roselee’s Natural Hair Care if you wish to master the Sisterlocks ® technique and become a certified consultant. Roselee Mathu is a certified Sisterlocks ® Trainer, trained by Dr JoAnne Cornwell. For more information about mentoring by Roselee, contact us!

Perhaps the biggest drawback to the Sisterlocks ® system is the amount of time it takes to lock the hair. Since smaller amounts of hair are carefully locked using a special tool depending on the individual hair texture, this means the initial locking involves at least a whole day at the salon. However, after spending all this time with your stylist, you’re bound to form a unique bond! Once your hair is in Sisterlocks ®, periodic retightening at regular intervals are much shorter

Of course, we just call it Brotherlocks®! It is the same technique as Sisterlocks® and shares all the advantages of the Sisterlocks® hair management system.

Book your consultation with Roselee’s Natural Hair Care and we’ll be happy to start you on your journey! If you feel that Sisterlocks® is right for you, we will schedule our locking session and after that, make your retightening appointments as recommended.


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